Mobile workforce to increase 30 percent by 2014, study says

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2979

While the mobile workforce is ever-expanding, more businesses are anticipating major growth within the next two years. According to a recent study by O2, about two-thirds of employers in Britain anticipate a 30 percent increase of mobile workers, whether working from home or in other flexible locations, in the next two years. This is indicative of a global trend of professionals looking for more flexible work locations and hours.

Mobile working promotes a number of advantages for businesses and their employees, from reducing operational costs to enhancing productivity. According to the report, 91 percent of businesses also feel that having more flexible work environments will improve the overall agility of the company. However, in order to gain these advantages and truly benefit from mobility, businesses need the right tools to support it.

There are other advantage to remote working that a business can pass along to its employees. By working remotely, many professionals report being better able to balance their work and personal lives, increasing productivity and job satisfaction, which in turn increases profits and quality of service for the business. This allows businesses to further other initiatives and innovation, and is beneficial for everyone involved.

In response to the increasing number of employees looking to work remotely, some businesses are introducing bring your own device, or BYOD, solutions. However, there is more to supporting a remote workforce than allowing personal devices to be used for work. A business needs to ensure these consumer-oriented devices are able to access company information both reliably and securely, so that employee productivity isn’t limited and the business itself isn’t put at risk.

In order to truly benefit from a mobile workforce, a business needs to implement remote access tools, such as an HTML5 RDP client. This allows the business to keep its data and applications securely on its own servers without limiting employee access or productivity. With RDP-based access, a business can fully support the remote workforce, BYOD trends and other initiatives, and reduce the chance of data being lost, stolen or otherwise compromised.

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