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While bring your own device (BYOD), may be the trending topic in mobility, businesses need to invest not only in BYOD, but also in developing the IT infrastructure to support a mobility strategy as well. According to ZDNet, this message was pushed at the opening speech of Gartner’s recent Catalyst Conference.

Gartner Vice President of Research Paul Debeasi told IT professionals from around the world that they have to start thinking about architecture as a whole, or risk being left behind in the mobile world.

“We knew consumerization was driving IT, but mobility is driving consumerization. Mobility is so insidious, it actually affects how we think, how we act and interact,” DeBeasi said, according to the news source. “Enterprises must approach mobility as an architecture problem. Mobility effects legal, HR, policy, security, support, identity, business infrastructure and application decisions.”

By implementing mobile devices in the workplace, a business is taking some control away from its IT department and putting it in the hands of employees. Without the proper planning, this can cause security and productivity issues. By preparing and implementing infrastructure to support BYOD, a company is ensuring that it is putting the business first, without negatively affecting employee satisfaction.

With a “mobile revolution” on the way, every business should consider its mobility needs. Even if not all organizations need / want to enable their employees to access sensitive work data on their personal mobile devices, most businesses could benefit from having a plan for mobile support.

Options like desktop virtualization can enable businesses to keep data securely on enterprise networks, and to bring the employee into the infrastructure, rather than pulling data out of the secure environment. This way, companies can receive all of the benefits of mobility, from increased efficiency to cost savings, without putting the security and compliance of the business at risk.

Ignoring mobility won’t help a business, and neither will jumping blindly onto the bandwagon. By looking into safe ways to implement and support access from personal devices, a company will not only be enhancing the workplace and productivity, but preparing itself for future technological innovations. Regardless of any other benefit to BYOD, increased job satisfaction can make professionals work harder and better, increasing overall productivity and profits for any business.

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