Mobility high among top trends for 2013

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1898

Though the new year is still a few months away, some businesses are already looking forward to the technology trends that will lead 2013 in order to gain an advantage through early adoption and begin reaping the rewards sooner, rather than later.Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013provides these companies with a look at what to expect come January, and the focus seems to be on supporting the mobile workforce.

According to the Gartner report, the integration of mobile devices, enterprise mobile apps, HTML5 and integrated technology ecosystems are among the top trends that companies can expect to see next year.

This focus on mobility should not come as a surprise to businesses, as the proliferation of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has been growing for some time, and the consumerization of IT is an increasing concern for many companies. With more employees demanding the use of personal devices within the workplace, companies are expanding their IT infrastructure to include the networking and support required to supply these workers with the tools necessary. The bring your own device (BYOD), trend is affecting many businesses differently, but finding the right BYOD solution shouldn’t be a hassle.

However, BYOD is just a part of the overall mobility trend. Mobile solutions supported by BYOD, enterprise apps and HTML5 RDP-based access are going to be major, and beneficial, game changers for those businesses that accept them. Just as more companies are adopting HTML5 for application development, so too are they turning to HTML5 client solutions to allow employee quick and secure connections to corporate data.

From these trends can come enhanced productivity, efficiency and other benefits that will make working both more pleasant and less stressful, but only if adopted in the appropriate manner. For businesses looking to implement mobility or BYOD solutions today, this means having the right tools for supporting their workforce and protecting their own assets. RDP-based access can provide this, without putting undue stress on the company, its IT infrastructure or the workforce itself.

Despite questions regarding the future of business technology trends, mobility and the need for remote access are here to stay. It is up to businesses to support them as needed for their own operations, and make informed decisions for the future of the company.

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