Mobility makes workforce more dynamic

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1671

Despite the harsh economic times and tightening budgets, more businesses are investing in mobility and other trends related to mobile devices, aiming to bolster their workforce and bring a variety of benefits to the table. According toThe Hindu, this growth is being driven by the demands of a younger, more dynamic and tech-savvy workforce, and resulting in more than a few changes to business processes.

Mobile devices enhance the availability of information and connectivity to professionals, whether they are in the office or working remotely. However, for some businesses, this means investing in a number of new tools in addition to the devices themselves, as these changes demand increased data security and way to support a variety of devices. To answer these challenges and keep budgets low, many companies are implementing bring your own device (BYOD),. The consumerization of IT promotes mobility without requiring the investment in a vast number of mobile devices for the company. However, implementing a BYOD solution comes with risks of its own.

For many businesses, BYOD and mobility present benefits and challenges. Luckily, many of these challenges relate, and the same tools can help address them: Specifically, remote access solutions. With HTML5 RDP-based access, a business can implement mobility and related BYOD strategies in secure and efficient ways. A clientless HTML5 RDP client provides the answers a company needs to reducing data loss risks by enabling employees to use whatever device they prefer to access hosted Windows applications, desktops and data. Rather than supporting only the iPhone and iPad, or Android-based devices, a business can allow anything from BlackBerry’s to Chromebooks into the office and the hands of its workforce. In addition, an HTML5 RDP client doesn’t require any software whatsoever to be installed on the employee’s device, lowering device support costs.

According to the news source, the younger workforce isn’t necessarily driving this trend, but it is actually the rise in understanding of the technology. As devices become more powerful yet easy to use, more professionals are adopting them for both their personal lives and work. This is pushing businesses to focus more on allowing devices than training workers in their use. As smartphones and tablets become more prolific, companies will need the high-quality solutions to deal with them, and remote access can often be the answer.

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