Mobility planning requires new IT risk management focus

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1738

Many businesses adopting mobility and BYOD solutions today are focusing their efforts on the benefits that these tools provide, but may be ignoring the risks they can also bring. According to Dark Reading, too many companies are adopting these solutions without taking the time to understand the risks and implement the necessary security and safety solutions.

The most important part of investing in any new technology that provides employees greater levels of access to potentially sensitive data is understanding what risks and challenges those same tools present to IT security. Do they open up back doors for hackers to access systems? Do they present potential data loss risks if misused by employees? These questions need to be answered before deployment, not hurriedly afterward.


For many businesses, the key to creating a secure mobility strategy is remote access tools. With RDP-based access, employees will be able to utilize company data and applications from anywhere with any device, without putting the company at risk. HTML5 RDP clients provide access without requiring any company data or applications to be downloaded, so nothing leaves the secure confines of the business’ servers. Additionally, these tools provide high-quality security so that once the authorized employee stops accessing the system, it isn’t left open to potential attack.

Data loss

RDP-based access also eliminates the risk that any company data will be lost should the employee’s device crash or be lost itself. This adds an additional layer to disaster protection. With employees remotely accessing data rather than downloading it to their devices, the data is safely stored within the company network, so it isn’t at risk no matter what happens to the employee’s iPhone, tablet or laptop.

Andrew Jaquith, chief technology officer at Perimeter E-Security, told Dark Reading that the three primary areas companies should address with risk management assessment are “technology, policy and law.” By doing so a business can reduce the potential challenges of mobility, ensuring productivity, reduced costs and the other benefits that are associated with this newer trend.

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