Mobility targeted for explosive growth over next 7 years

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1601

Enterprise mobility is already known as a growing trend, but a recent report indicates that growth could explode between 2013 and 2020.ANational Association of Software Services Companies report outlined the global enterprise mobility market’s 15 percent annual growth over the next 7 years, estimating that it will bring in about $140 billion a year over that span.

An independent study by IDC confirmed similar findings, anticipating 29 percent growth in the Asia-Pacific market alone in 2013.

Mobility is a complex enterprise trend, combining part BYOD solution, part remote working policy to provide businesses with an effective strategy for improving productivity and reducing costs simultaneously. For businesses looking for ways to enhance operations and embrace newer technology, mobility is an effective strategy. It also provides guidelines for establishing BYOD in the workplace and implementing remote access solutions.

However, businesses looking to invest in mobility strategies may need to examine their own processes first. Does the office data stora infrastructure support remote access via mobile devices? Is the security in place to eliminate unwanted guests without restricting employee use? If not, a business may need to improve its own technology first before allowing employees access to enterprise data and apps from home via mobile devices.

For businesses requiring simple and ubiquitous remote access from PCs, mobile devices and more,Ericom AccessNowprovides secure, browser-based access to data and applications, from any device platform with the use of anHTML5 RDP client. Whether an employee is working on his or her iPhone at the beach or a Chromebook from a hotel room in Paris, they will get the same access and opportunity to work efficiently without having to install anything on the user device.

However, if high-performance remote access to graphics-rich content is a top priority, then a company might consider implementing tools such asRDP acceleration.One notable RDP acceleration and compression software product, Ericom Blaze, mitigates the effects of high network latency, speeds up the display performance of PDFs and other graphics-rich content on terminal services (RDS) and more.

With such a tool in place, a company can effectively launch a mobility campaign that will entice talented workers to maximize their performance and minimize risks at the same time. Companies shouldn’t worry about the latest technology trends, they should embrace them, and Ericom’s high-quality solutions allow them to do just that.

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