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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1878

Even though the bring your own device trend seems to be growing at an unstoppable rate, some businesses are beginning to realize that there are other options for mobility and remote working that they haven’t fully explored yet. In addition to investing in a BYOD solution, or even instead of it, a company can implement unified communications, cloud services and remote access tools to accomplish a great deal with a mobile workforce.

According to TechTarget, these other opportunities simply haven’t been explored by businesses yet.

“There are so many opportunities for mobile to be a reducer of cost; a generator of revenue; a builder of relationships with customers, partners and employees; and those opportunities just aren’t being taken advantage of yet,” Simon Yates of Forrester Research told the news source.

In order to achieve success with mobility and remote working efforts, businesses need to take advantage of every tool in the chest. According to the TechTarget report, one thing that needs to change is having CIOs in charge of BYOD. With CIOs “wasting” their time on these initiatives, they are missing out on numerous other opportunities,. Businesses should implement a chief mobility officer position to split the responsibility, and the stress, with the CIO.

“More interesting, I think, than whether the CIO should be involved in policy decisions is whether there should there be a chief mobility officer or if the CIO should be a chief mobility officer, given how important mobility is to enterprises,” Philip Clarke, an analyst at Nemertes Research, told the source.

Businesses need a way to branch out and embrace more technologies, no matter what that solution is. Whether hiring a CMO or reducing overall focus on BYOD in order to have the time to investigate other mobility options, companies need to decide on a solution soon, or opportunities may pass them by.

One option for some businesses is to invest in high-quality remote access software, such as RDP acceleration tools, which will help improve employees’ ability to access data and applications from home or other locations outside the office. With the right RDP client, employees will be able to get their jobs done swiftly and securely, enhancing performance, efficiency and profits for their employer.

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