Network Computing VDI Rolling Review: Ericom’s WebConnect Goes Above And Beyond

DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 995

Network Computing is conducting a rolling review of VDI connection brokers. Their latest review was of our own PowerTerm WebConnect. Here are some choice quotes from this review:

The PowerTerm Connection Broker administration tool, which can snap in to the Microsoft Management Console, is fast and stable compared to the Web management platforms that some other vendors provide.

Creating pools of desktops with WebConnect is a snap. … Both operations are wizard driven and take less than a minute.

The Ericom broker also does a great job at creating desktop pools sourced from multiple back-end hypervisors.

Ericom is the only VDI broker we’ve tested that lives up to the claim of being a replacement for Citrix as a Web portal for serving out virtual desktops and applications simultaneously.

Access to applications and desktops via the Web portal was seamless in the lab. … On the whole, we struggled to find negatives with this product.

Click here to try out Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect yourself, and find out why Network Computing is so excited about it.

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