New Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect Video Series

DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1128

Ericom is producing a series of instructional videos demonstrating the features and functionality of Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect, our solution for SBC and VDI. You can watch these videos on YouTube at Ericom Software Technology channel. The first video in this series shows and explains the process of publishing applications from Terminal Servers:

Some additional technical notes about application publishing using PowerTerm WebConnect:

  • In this first clip publishing pre-installed application was selected. PowerTerm WebConnect also supports publishing desktops, documents and URLs (web / Cloud-based applications),. Also, applications can either be pre-installed or streamed on-demand through integration with Microsoft App-V
  • In addition to using “Terminal Server” as the application source, as shown in this video, PowerTerm WebConnect supports application publishing from virtual desktops as well as launching the application on the local device (for example, by streaming the application to it using App-V),
  • The video also shows browsing of a directory service for users, groups and OUs. PowerTerm WebConnect supports the widest variety of directory servers including Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, IBM Tivoli Directory Server and OpenLDAP

Visit the Ericom website for more information about PowerTerm WebConnect.

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