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DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 982

Google Analytics is showing me that a number of people are visiting this blog while searching for information regarding Ericom Software PowerTerm products Vista support. Before I provide the answers to this query I wanted to inform everybody that Ericom is blessed with a wonderful Support Team, who will be delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding our products – see the Support Page for contact information. In addition you can simply search our web site. For example, this link came up when I searched for Vista.

That being said, here are the details:

  • PowerTerm WebConnect 5.5.1, released April 2007, supports Vista. Previous versions of PowerTerm WebConnect do not support Vista. If you are using an older version contact Ericom Support for an upgrade.
  • PowerTerm InterConnect 9.1 (including Lite and Plus), with Vista support is scheduled for imminent release. Contact Ericom Support for information regarding availability.
  • PowerTerm Pro with Vista support will be released later this year.

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