PowerTerm WebConnect Officially Supports Windows Server 2008 Beta3

DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1013

PowerTerm WebConnect is the first Server Based Computing (Terminal Services), solution – to the best of my knowledge – to officially support Windows Server 2008 (Beta 3),. I know it’s kind of funny to officially support a Beta, but there you are. We were the first Server Based Computing provider to support Windows Server 2003 x64, and I’m proud to continue this tradition of being first.

Other noteworthy features of this Service Pack release include:

  1. Various enhancements to administrative console (focus on making it easier for first-time users),
  2. RADIUS Authentication support (in addition to existing RSA SecurID certification),
  3. Multi-monitor support

Another enhancement that is worth mentioning is browser-based client deployment that is fully compatible with Vista UAC and IE7 Protected Mode. Now it is easier than ever to provide all your users with access to their applications!

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