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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1643

The normal work environment is evolving – not necessarily with upgrades to the office, but a shift outside of it. More professionals are getting their work done at home, in coffee shops and hotels, during their commute and even in airports. This shift in locations was denoted by Intelligent Office, a staffing agency, in arecent study of work location choices.

According to the study, titled Work IQ, close to 70 percent of professionals work outside of the office on a regular basis, with about 22 percent doing so at least once a week. Approximately 29 percent work in libraries, hotels or restaurants, while 28 percent work regularly from coffee shops. Additionally, nearly half of respondents said they work from these locations more than an hour at a time.

“This survey further identifies that today`s workers are continuing to shift towards a more personal and custom work style,” said Tom Camplese, COO of Intelligent Office. “We are continuing to find that to maintain productivity while increasing mobility, a new breed of worker is conducting business on the go, and wants to be able to work more independently, from anywhere and at any time.”

Businesses are able to adopt remote working strategies more heavily not only because of increased networking capabilities offered by the cloud and other modern technologies, but because of BYOD solutions and other mobility trends. With these solutions, professionals are embracing the freedom provided to them to work in environments that are more comfortable, and by association, enable more productivity.

For businesses, this raises an entirely different set of questions that need to be answered, though – primarily, how do they support these employees effectively? It is beyond the point where a company can avoid mobility trends. Now, companies must determine how to address mobility in a way that is beneficial to both employees and the business itself. For some organizations, the answer lies in remote desktop access.

By providing employees with remote access to company data and applications, a business can keep a better eye on its digital property without negatively affecting the workflow of its mobile workforce. This encourages employees to work from wherever they want, while keeping data and enterprise applications safe and secure on the company servers. With the right RDP client, many companies can see successful results immediately.

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