Protecting endpoints a recipe for disaster with BYOD

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1863

As more businesses adopt bring your own device (BYOD), strategies and allow new devices to enter the workplace, there are a number of changes that have to take place. While introducing a BYOD solution can help a company increase productivity and efficiency, it can also cause issues with IT and security if not implemented properly.

According to SC Magazine , some businesses focus on the endpoint, the user’s device, for BYOD security. However, this is virtually impossible and actually creates more risk. If a company focuses on securing the endpoint rather than the data source, just one compromised device can bring the entire system crashing down. It is better for businesses to focus on securing the source, rather than the access point.


One strategy, according to the report, is to make the assumption that all endpoints are compromised, and go from there. If this were the case, a business would need to secure the information itself, not the system. This provides a more secure system of checks that reduces the risks of unauthorized access, but still allows those endpoints – the smartphones and tablets employees are bringing into the office – to be used. By increasing security on the business end rather than the user end, a company can make it much harder to compromise its systems.


In order to accomplish this, many businesses will want to implement a better remote access system that provides stronger security around its data and applications. This can be accomplished with Ericom’s AccessNow. With an RDP client, a business can focus on internal security, ensure that employees are still able to use their own devices, be it an Android phone or an iPad, and reduce the risks associated with BYOD in general. This provides a secure gateway that isn’t based on the endpoint, but the source.

Ultimately, guaranteeing 100 percent security is impossible, but by implementing the right tools, teaching employees best security practices and taking a proactive approach to protecting company data, a business will be able to rest easy knowing it has done all it can to ensure a productive, secure work environment even while embracing the latest technology trends.

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