How to Provide Secure Access to On-Premises Software and Cloud Hosted Apps & Desktops

JAMES LUI on December 02, 2014 | 3141

Providing secure access to on-premise software and cloud hosted apps and desktops is faster and simpler than ever before with EricomAccessNow. This HTML5 based platform integrates seamlessly into business-hosting environments to accelerate application delivery to your customers.

Providing Turnkey Access for Windows Applications

Ericom AccessNow allows users to leverage almost any Windows application as a webified app without needing to change the program itself, or download third-party software on their devices. Without Ericom, porting a Windows application into web format can take significant time.

With Ericom, a business needs only to install the Windows app they’d like to use on a Windows Session Host and setup Ericom AccessNow to allow access to that environment. This two-step process gives all users on the network simple access to their desired Windows application.

Secure Access to Cloud and On-Premise Hosting

Easy Use with Any End-User Device

Configuring security settings on desktops, laptops, and handhelds for all end-users are an exhausting prospect for any IT team. Businesses using Ericom AccessNow for secure remote access won’t need to task IT professionals with end-user device setup. There’s no additional configuration needed – laptops, desktops, smartphones, anything.

Reduced time spent with “help desk” oriented tasks allow company IT to focus on more revenue worthy tasks, including system monitoring and high-level trouble shooting. If users do misplace or have company devices stolen, cutting access to remote apps on the host side is simple and easy.

Cost Savings as a Performance Driver

Armed with Ericom AccessNow’s clientless solution, companies don’t need to worry about managing a massive number of remote access devices; lanes to improve IT open up across the board. For example, without the cost of client-side software maintenance including end-user device configurations, businesses can use their savings to improve functionality across their departments and focus on infrastructure improvements.

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