A Quantum Leap in Virtualization Technology: Introducing Ericom Connect

ILAN PARETSKY on March 24, 2015 | 2145

We finally did it – two weeks ago, we released a product that positions us as a visionary in the enterprise virtualization market. Here at Ericom, we are proud to have just announced the availability of our new flagship product, Ericom Connect. Built from scratch, Ericom Connect takes virtualization to a new level, ideal for growing enterprises and service providers.

Since the release, we’ve learned that we’re not the only ones that think Ericom Connect is a game-changer for the market. According to industry analyst Jo Harder, we’ve “stepped up our game and demonstrated that [we] are a true contender in the virtualization space.”

We took that step up with a huge scalability leap. Ericom Connect can scale to up to 100,000 users without compromising performance or security – a standard that is unprecedented in the industry to-date. To scale, it uses only 10 servers for what would take Citrix or VMWare 100 to accomplish. For IT Professionals, multiplying the capabilities of these products by ten-fold for less is a no-brainer.

Brian Madden also took notice.  Proclaiming that everything “just feels dead simple,” the leading source of discussion and debate about the desktop virtualization industry reviewed Ericom Connect and was impressed with both the technology and the intuitive design.

For enterprises and service providers, scalability and ease of use are a big deal. Not only can Ericom Connect scale to hundreds of thousands of users per management server, steadily and predictably, but also it can do so without compromising the performance or user experience.

How did we manage that?

The design is based on distributed grid-based architecture, a function we’re calling the “Ericom Connect Grid.” We’ve moved the entire database and business logic into memory in an advanced grid that doesn’t depend on a database’s availability, but functions on two services running on each server.  And, since Ericom Connect can be distributed across multiple servers, there is no single point of failure and it can easily scale to millions of transactions per second.

Ericom Connect is not only extraordinarily scalable and secure, but it has a fantastic user interface. We built our console with ease of administration and functionality in mind. Management is done via a customizable web-based dashboard that offers real-time analytics and metrics. In addition, the software allows us to carry out unique and powerful log analysis, alerting and reporting.

Robert Young, Research Manager, Cloud & Virtualization System Software, IDC, explained how the rapid proliferation of cloud, mobile, and BYOD technologies is increasingly driving new levels of access management requirements in the enterprise. He also echoed the need for business analytics and metrics.

"The advanced monitoring, management, and reporting capabilities found in products like Ericom Connect provide IT organizations with the visibility and control needed to ensure optimal performance and scalability of datacenter resources supporting client virtualization instances. As a result, IT staff can more efficiently deliver and provide access to virtualized desktops and applications, thereby improving business agility while simultaneously streamlining IT overhead.”

Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. also commented on Ericom Connect's analytics capabilities, praising how the new software will help reduce IT complexity issues faced by many enterprise organizations.

"Ericom provides the visibility into user activity, a variety of application access options, and core architecture for businesses to deliver applications and desktops at the scale required to keep pace with today’s business priorities.”

The new Ericom Connect provides a strategic and scalable platform for enterprises and service providers, cloud applications and telecom operators. Ericom looks forward to collaborating with this diverse group to learn about their specific needs and challenges, and how Ericom Connect can provide a viable solution for an array of business needs.

Click here to learn more about Ericom Connect and download a 30-day trial.

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