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DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1096

Jeff Pitch recently posted his analysis of the potential impact of Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services (formally known as “Longhorn”) on the sales of Citrix Presentation Server. In this post Jeff wrote:

a question will be asked that gets asked every time Microsoft releases a new OS or major update to their OS: Can we get rid of Citrix Presentation Server? I believe that more companies will be saying yes to this question than in years past

This sounds like bad news not only to Citrix but also every other company that provides an SBC solution on top of Windows Terminal Services, right? Wrong! While I agree with Jeff’s conclusion that more companies will stick with basic Windows Terminal Services, I also believe that the release of Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services will result in a surge in SBC solution sales, probably including Citrix.

How can this be, you might ask. How is it possible that more organizations will just use Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services without enhancements, yet SBC providers, such as Ericom Software will sell more licenses? Isn’t this a contradiction? I believe that there is no contradiction because thanks to Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services many organizations that previously had not considered SBC will start using it.

Several weeks ago Massimo Re Ferre’ posted this comments at

while SBC is a great idea we need to acknowledge that it has taken a “ridiculous” amount of market-share compared to its potential and to the current desktop deployments

Currently less than 10% of corporate desktops utilize SBC, often because their IT people are totally unaware of SBC. As I previously explained, Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services will expose SBC to a much greater audience, thus significantly increasing its use. So even if a greater percentage of SBC implementations will be plain vanilla Terminal Services, the total number of organizations using any SBC solution will grow substantially.

That being said, customers should consider their options with care and I thank Jeff for writing:

It still surprises me that more companies haven’t gone to such products as Provision Networks or Ericom

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