Remote workers can keep business afloat during disaster

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1604

Disaster preparedness, recovery and other aspects of business continuity are fresh in the minds of many corporate decision makers in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the other crises of 2012. However, outside of high-quality data backup solutions and careful continuity planning, some businesses are at a loss as to how to prepare for these forces of nature. According toMediaPost, one way to improve disaster survival is to improve remote and mobile workforce initiatives.

One major issue that many companies encounter during a disaster is damage to their main offices, with power or internet outages, flooding or other physical obstacles to working. This can sometimes be unavoidable, and in these instances, businesses need a way to keep employees working and minimize downtime while recovery efforts are underway. Encouraging remote working opportunities can accomplish this.

Mobile workforce

With a mobile workforce, a business already has its employees operating outside of the office and utilizing their own resources to get the job done. This puts it at an advantage should a disaster strike the office, as these employees will basically be unaffected. However, there are many different things to consider in these situations, such as where the data and applications those employees utilize are housed and whether or not communications, data storage and other essential aspects of running a business are kept online. These issues factor into the overall success of remote working in general, but specifically apply to disaster recovery as well.

For many businesses, the cloud will provide an optimal answer in these cases. With cloud solutions for applications, communications and storage, a business will be able to keep its remote workforce entirely operational even as its office copes with a natural disaster.

Access is key

Ultimately, the success of remote working boils down to the ease and flexibility of access that employees have to these systems, as well as access security. With an RDP client like Ericom’s AccessNow, a business can ensure that its data and applications are kept safely on the company servers or cloud, while employees are not limited in their use. This promotes productivity and a more versatile working environment without sacrificing security or uptime. And this will keep a business operating despite any adverse circumstances.

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