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Ericom recently attended Microsoft Ignite, where industry thought-leaders spoke about the evolving landscape of IT and attendees discussed various topics related to application access and desktop virtualization. It was no surprise that  “Reporting” came up in conversation, given today's greater demands for compliance and better user / application management.

Enterprises often have simple questions that are often very hard to answer: How many users were using MS Word in the morning? How many licenses are being consumed by Excel? How many sessions are available or open? What’s the current system status / health? It’s highly unlikely that an IT system admin will have one console where he / she can go online and get all that information for the whole organization. 

Shortly after Microsoft Ignite, we spoke with Gartner’s Mark Lockwood about Ericom Connect, our newly launched managed access solution. Lockwood commented that Ericom Connect’s business intelligence and reporting tools “go beyond what other virtualization solution software companies offer.”  The grid technology Ericom Connect uses allows enterprises to scale and manage applications effectively.  They are able to process transactions and move the databases from physical servers into memory.

Ericom Connect’s extensive reporting tools allow the sys admin to capture all enterprise-wide data from a single management console. The visibility and unique real-time reporting Connect offers enables sys admins to see what applications are being used, how many people are on the system, where they are accessing it from, and what resources they are using. Enterprises thus gain a greater understanding of exactly what is happening and how the data is captured, stored and shared.   

A similar view about Connect's reporting power was held by IT analyst Jake O’Donnell. In his in his article “New desktop analytics tools offer clear view of PC, VDI” which appeared on SearchVirtualDesktop, he called out Ericom Connect for its “actionable business intelligence platform….Ericom Connect provides IT reports for a view of system resources, users and session activity. Customers can also monitor application and desktop usage, user productivity, and system workload and health using the platform.”  He further added that “there’s a  desire in the market for unified endpoint management where all reporting data derived from any kind of endpoint can be managed from one location.”

O’Donnell’s article goes on to suggest that Ericom Connect’s same style of reporting analytics and information could be extended to physical desktops as well as mobile devices as “there’s a desire in the market for unified endpoint management where all reporting data derived from any kind of endpoint can be managed from one location.”

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