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DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1107

A few months ago Doug Brown interviewed me for his excellent DABCC Radio. In this interview Doug asked me why someone would want to buy our product (PowerTerm WebConnect), vs. going with Citrix. My answer was simple: choice. It’s my firm belief that people should not be locked in a trunk, forced to use a single solution regardless of how well it actually fits their needs. By providing an alternative we enable people to choose the solution that is the most appropriate for them. Turns out that having choice does not sit well with everybody. Some people obviously enjoy being the only ones in the driver’s sit. Others appear to prefer the feeling of security associated with being locked up. Since they can’t very well say this (and maybe they are even unwilling to admit it to themselves) they respond by lashing out.

I’m a frequent reader of – I enjoy the articles posted there. I also like to participate by posting the occasional responses to articles, when I feel I have something worthwhile to add to the discussion. My response often contain links to my blog simply because I write about the same subjects. However, with increasing frequency, I’ve become a target for attacks in the form of inflammatory responses to my posts, raising all sorts of accusations against me. Since these attacks are always posted anonymously, I cannot respond directly to my attackers. So, here are my answers to these accusations:

  1. “Your blog is an advertisement for the company you represent” – scroll to the top of this page and read the tag line. For heavens sake, the name of this blog is Ericom Guy! That being said, this blog is not an advertisement. It is my own personal outlet for my thoughts, ideas and beliefs. I strive to keep the content both technical and as accurate as I possibly can. No marketing fluff here.
  2. “All you do is rip on Citrix. Stop. Be real and truthful” – there is a simple reason Citrix is mentioned in my blog: it is difficult to write about Server Based Computing without mentioning Citrix. Moreover, I believe that it benefits my readers when I point out the differences in architecture and behavior between PowerTerm WebConnect, Citrix Presentation Server and Windows Terminal Services. Obviously I believe our design is better, which is why we use it. On the other hand, I’ve never written anything derogatory or intentionally untrue about Citrix or its products.
  3. Various derogatory or condescending references – “You know I’m not gon diss you on the Internet / Cause my mama taught me better than that”

I’ve seen an amazing rise in the readership of my blog since its inception at the beginning of this year. It is now visited by hundreds of people every week, and dozens are subscribed to the feeds. Brian Madden, Doug Brown and Wilco van Bragt have all seen fit to link my articles, and for this I’m very grateful. My ultimate response to my attackers and detractors is to continue to produce content which benefits my readers.

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