SAP Business One Instantly Webified & Cloud-Enabled with Ericom AccessNow

DAN SHAPPIR on August 05, 2014 | 1780

One of the main benefits of HTML5-based remote access to Windows applications is that it effectively provides turnkey webification of these applications. When used with Ericom AccessNow , most any Windows application can instantly become a Web app, without requiring any changes to the application itself. Simply install the application onto an RDP host, either on premise or in the Cloud, and configure Ericom AccessNow to access that host – job done.

SAP Business One Product Evangelist Richard Duffy recently did just that, in order to transform SAP Business One into a Web app that can be accessed from most any browser on most any device, including mobile devices:

Using Ericom AccessNow, Richard Duffy was able to provide simple, anywhere access to SAP Business One, thus enabling improved productivity and facilitating BYOD.

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