More schools looking to BYOD to improve education

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1720

Technology is a central part of moderneducation. Even in English and foreign language classes, computers can be invaluable tools for enhancing acurriculum. Many schools across the county have invested in desktop computers for the classroom and other technologies throughout their facilities. However, today another technology trend is hitting education centers – bring your own device (BYOD),.

Many schools are finding that it is more cost-effective and productive to allow the use of personal devices in the classroom. In the early 2000s students were told to leave their cell phones at home, but now teachers are encouraging them to use a tablet rather than a pen and paper. However,investing in BYOD comes with some challenges as well. Some schools are finding that they have to invest in network infrastructure improvements to support the consumerization of IT, while others are examining potential security risks for allowing student-owned devices onto their networks. No school is finding that the benefits aren’t worth the struggle, though.

According to The Journal , one school district in Ohio has found that its investment in new networking infrastructure has allowed over 7,500 personal devices to enter its schools, from laptops to smartphones, improving interactive learning and allowing for enhanced feedback from the student population.

BYOD presents other challenges, including potentially undoing what decades of school uniforms and anti-discimination efforts have sought to accomplish, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation . The wide variety of devices and their varying costs could serve to make class structure visible again in schools, with some students using high-end, high-cost tablets and others potentially not having any mobile devices at all.

One way to address this issue is with the availability of Google’s Chromebook for education. According to Google , there are around 2,000 schools using Chromebooks now, two times as many as was the case three months ago. Google offers Chromebooks for a low price that many schools can use not only to stock their own classrooms with computers, butsupply them to students to improve a BYOD solution.

However, even Chromebooks won’t address the most important concern for BYOD – security. Schools need a high-quality, low-cost solution to address network security when it comes to BYOD implementation, and the best solution is Ericom’s AccessNow platform. Ericom provides reliable tools for RDP-based access and an HTML5 RDP client to ensure thatneither device compatibility or security are overlooked.

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