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No matter how a business is considering implementing a BYOD solution, or for what purpose, security is a top IT concern. For any business, this means protecting company data and applications from the inherent risks that allowing consumer devices to access them brings, such as lost data or theft. Still, according to ZDNet , implementing BYOD securely cannot interfere with access, flexibility and freedom to use any device an employee desires, as these are the main user benefits that a BYOD solution provides.

While this may not seem like an easy task to accomplish, there are ways to achieve the true advantages of BYOD without risking security. Adopting a secure, managed approach that utilizes RDP-based access and an HTML5 RDP client in particular, can enable professionals to remotely access company data and applications without downloading them to their devices, creating a secure barrier between use and exploitation or improper access that can occur if the device is hacked or stolen. However, there are three things that a strategy should not entail:

Limited device use

A BYOD strategy needs to ensure employees are not limited in the types of devices they can for remote working – whether the professional has a laptop, MacBook, iPad, Android or other device. With RDP and universal HTML5-based clients, like Ericom AccessNow , a business can ensure that no devices, from iPhones to Chromebooks, are excluded from the plan.


Additionally, there should be no downtime with a BYOD solution. Part of the benefit of BYOD is that employees can access work at anytime from anywhere with their personal devices, and by only making data and applications available during work hours or having set periods of downtime, a business is limiting the inherent benefits of the systems.

Limit privacy

Many less-than-perfect BYOD solutions provide businesses a way to track employee work and location, which most professionals view as a major compromise of personal privacy. As a result, by using one of these systems, a business is limiting the usefulness of BYOD, rather than enhancing it or protecting itself.

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