Survey shows remote workforce more productive

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1551

Understanding the benefits of supporting a remote workforce may come naturally to some businesses, but it’s not often that those benefits get quantified. However, a recent study by Scott Edinger shows that remote workers tend to be more engaged in their jobs, and therefore more productive, than those in the office.

According to Edinger,mobile professionals are, in general, more attentive to their workand more committed than their counterparts who work in the office. This aligns with findings from other studies, such as one by Ctrip, which shows thatprofessionals who work from home are 13 percent more productive.


One reason remote workers tend to be more productive than their on-site colleagues is that managers generally pay more attention to their employees when they cannot see them. While this may seem counter-intuitive, it helps keep remote employees on task and focused. Additionally, as these professionals must rely on their technology for all tasks, they are more comfortable interacting through their computers and mobile devices. Rather than taking a break to go speak with a co-worker, a remote worker can email or message them through the business communications network while still working.


Supporting a remote workforce using the right technology is crucial. For example, a virtualized desktop strategy enables a business to keep its enterprise applications, desktops and data secure, while making them accessible to employees working in the office or from home. Desktop virtualization withRDP accelerationprovides employees a great user experience when connecting to hosted Windows applications and desktops that are centrally deployed, managed and updated.


Increased comfort is a simple and important contributor to remote workers’ increased efficiency. Working from home allows these professionals to operate in their personal surroundings, on their own devices and without adhering to a strict dress code. While they may seem minor, these benefits help employees get more done throughout the day.

For any business, investing in the right tools and technology to support a remote workforce will help it not only increase job satisfaction, but potentially raise profits and revenue through increased productivity.
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