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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1744

According to ITWeb and James Munn of Qualcomm, all digital technology is shifting toward the mobile landscape. But as one of the fastest growing and most popular trends platforms in technology sphere, what does this shift to mobile mean for businesses? ITWeb reports that, according to Munn, this is simply a natural evolution and is representative of a general growth of information available digitally.

“About 95 million people tweet every day,” Munn said at a recent FutureTech event hosted by Popular Mechanics, according to the news source. “About 180 million songs are downloaded illegally every minute, and about 24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every hour. We live in exponential times.” Just one or two years ago, these statistics were a tenth of what they are today.

“Mobile is really what all the digital technologies are gravitating towards,” said Munn, according to the source.”The most powerful real estate today is the phone, that little device you look at, apparently, 150 times a day, minimum. It is much more powerful than a television, so advertising can now become a very important aspect of mobile, as can retailing and using your device to move money around.”

It isn’t just mobile devices driving this growth, however, according to ITWeb. Laptops, the cloud, wireless services and more are behind the movement as well, enabling professionals to always be online, always connected. This evolution by itself opens up new opportunities for business and their employees to interact, collaborate and be more productive. However, they require more than implementing a mobile initiative and calling it a day.

In order to truly achieve success with mobility strategies, a business needs to have the right tools and the proper planning. With remote access solutions like Ericom’s AccessNow, professionals will be able to access company data and applications securely from any device, promoting true mobility while upholding strict security and reliability guidelines. This ensures productivity and efficiency from employees while limiting remote access to sensitive company information and property to only authorized individuals. While remote access can be achieved with built-in tools and other free options, it is important for business security and operational efficiency that high-quality tools and services are used, or the benefits from mobility could quickly turn into risks.

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