The Journey to Ericom AccessNow 3 And Beyond

DAN SHAPPIR on August 05, 2014 | 1987

Back at the beginning of 2011, we released Ericom AccessNow 1.0 as the first HTML5 Remote Access product. While we were working on it, my biggest concern was: “Is browser-based remote access going to be fast enough for everyday use?” I still recall my delight the first time I saw AccessNow in action, and thought “Hey, this is really good!” And indeed, since then many organizations have purchased AccessNow, and have deployed it to their users.

In 2013, we set ourselves another ambitious goal: to transform AccessNow performance from good to great. We realized that in order for HTML5 Remote Access to break through, and become the predominant method for remotely accessing Windows desktops and applications, it must provide the same level of performance that until now has only been provided by native remote access clients.

To that end, we rethought and updated almost every aspect of the product: the communication protocol, the browser-based client and the server-side component – they were all significantly enhanced and optimized. We researched every advance in browser technology, and utilized many of them. In particular, we applied many of the lessons we’ve learned over the years from our Blaze RDP acceleration solution .

I’m now, again, delighted with what we’ve been able to achieve: Ericom AccessNow 3 and newer is the fastest HTML5 Remote Access solution on the market. Moreover, it provides performance that is on par or exceeds that of most native RDP clients, as well as user experience enhancements (such as auto-resizing),. And it’s an order of magnitude faster than the original version of AccessNow.

When you combine all the benefits that AccessNow 3 provides over native clients – such as high performance anywhere, anytime access, from most any device, without being required to download, install and configure anything – it becomes obvious that HTML5 Remote Access is the future of remote access to Windows desktops and applications!

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