The Simplicity of Ericom Blaze

DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1267

Since announcing Ericom Blaze three weeks ago, we have received a lot of interest and very positive feedback about this product. Slow RDP performance is a real problem for many people, and Ericom Blaze addresses this problem head-on with a simple drop-in solution, that can make RDP 10 to 20 times faster. How simple is it? Check out the Ericom Blaze installation and usage guide – it’s only 17 pages, many of which contain mostly screenshots. This product can literally be installed in minutes.

How is it that Ericom Blaze is so easy to set up and use? That’s because it’s comprised of just two small software components: the Ericom Blaze server, which can be installed on any standard RDP host (up to, and including Windows Server 2008 R2) and the Ericom Blaze client, which is used instead of the Microsoft RDP client (mstsc),. The Ericom Blaze server is small — less than 4MB — and does not replace or modify any standard Windows component. In fact, after installing Ericom Blaze, you can still accesses the host using regular RDP (for example, from devices that don’t have the Ericom Blaze client installed),.

The Ericom Blaze client is also small — less than 7MB — and supports every version of Windows, from XP on up. (Please contact Ericom if you require a version for Linux or Mac.), It is designed to look and work like the Microsoft RDP client (mstsc) including the ability to read and write standard .rdp files. This means that little or no training is required for the end-users. In fact, installing the Blaze Client is so easy and straightforward that users can install it at home by themselves, for fast remote access.

Both the Ericom Blaze server and the Ericom Blaze client support unattended installation, so they can be easily deployed throughout an organization. Moreover, to make the evaluation of this product even easier, we have set up our own demo server. Simply install the client, and use the pre-configured connections to experience the difference between regular RDP and Ericom Blaze accelerated RDP.

Given the benefits and simplicity of Ericom Blaze, there is no reason not to download an evaluation copy of Ericom Blaze today. Or maybe you enjoy slow remote access …

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