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MENDY NEWMAN on August 12, 2014 | 2069

When it comes to the cloud, businesses need to consider both the advantages and the challenges of the technology. Security, access, reliability and flexibility are all aspects that lie on both sides of the spectrum, representing potential boons and pitfalls. For many businesses, finding success with a cloud storage or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), solution becomes a matter of balances the advantages and disadvantages in ways that minimize or eliminate the bad and enhance the good.

According to readwrite, these issues are well documented by cloud users. Even in the personal use arena, 40 percent of Dropbox users have security questions or concerns, while access and uploading was a primary concern for users of other services. These differences are indicative of a wider trend, pointing toward businesses being well aware of the challenges that the cloud can present to them. And more businesses are adopting regardless of those challenges, or meeting them head on with the right tools to minimize risk.

Accessibility and the cloud

One of the best uses of the cloud is as a desktop replacement solution. Businesses can reduce costs, both on hardware and energy, with effective DaaS. However, as with desktop virtualization solutions, DaaS requires the right access tools to work. When implementing these types of systems, access to data, applications and the everyday tools that allow for effective workflow is key to success. For many businesses, this means investing in desktop management solutions that provide versatile access without affecting performance.

When it comes to cloud desktop replacement, the right software will also eliminate security concerns. This “two birds with one stone” approach can save a business even more than the initial solution. With further cost reductions, a company can free up resources to expand other areas of the business, or further IT innovation.

The decisions to invest in DaaS or other desktop management solutions come from a desire to simplify, save and enhance performance. By investing in subpar tools for the job, a business will only hinder those efforts and slow down advancement. But implementing high-quality solutions will help a company achieve success and begin seeing the benefits immediately.

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