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DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1311

douglasabrown VMware View HTML 5 client… VERY COOL…… >now Ericom, make one for Citrix & TS too.

seankalahar RT @douglasabrown: VMware View HTML 5 client… VERY COOL…… > yeah very cool

jkowall Killer HTML 5 client for Vmware View #VDI -

a_perilli A pure HTML5 client (no Java, Flash, etc.), for VMware View that works with Chrome on x86 and ARM CPUs. Interesting!

Jeremy Pollack Just installed the HTML5 Client for #VMWare #View from @Ericom_Blaze… this is awesome. Can’t wait for PCoIP support.

Michael Loftus Cool approach to a desktop virtualization client. Which is, no client! All down to the power of web and HTML5! Remote access getting better

pivcon HTML5 Client for VMware, Nice! -

lorloff10 Playing with the #Ericom html5 view client on my google CR-48. Works really freaking nicely. View on #chromeos that rocks!

ejreynolds Time to play with VMWare View‘s unpublished APIs and hack the Ericom HTML5 Frontend.  #fb

[Go for it man! But we use published, standard VMware View APIs in this product]

gilwood_cs Fresh from a demo of Ericom’s beta HTML 5 Client for VMWare View – that was whizzy.

Michael Letschin, MBA Just tested the @Ericom_Blaze HTML5#VMwareView client. Easy to install and works great. One of the components that was missing – fixed

jaymcjay Ericom makes HTML5 native VMware View client. Find cat pictures in your VM’s browser in your computer’s browser!

Still not too late to join the fun: sign up for the BETA of Ericom HTML5 Client for VMware View right now.

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