Virtualization streamlines data from server to user

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1812

While virtualization provides businesses with a tool to reduce power consumption and costs while enhancing efficiency, it also can be integrated with other IT trends such as BYOD and physical desktop management to offer other benefits. According to Virtualization Review , this technology has evolved beyond traditional desktop virtualization solutions and can be used to bring end-user computing in the office together in a stronger way than ever before.

Virtualization equals comfort

A recent study by the Aberdeen Group found businesses are growing increasingly comfortable utilizing virtualization, and are also happier with their virtualization solutions than they were without them. According to TechTarget , these findings match up with the general consensus of users, and with 55 percent of servers being virtualized today, companies are becoming more efficient than ever.

With virtualization, businesses are reducing their hardware consumption by 15 percent, and increasing the utilization of the systems they keep by up to 75 percent, a huge contrast to those not employing virtualization. By streamlining workflow and improving support of systems throughout the company, this also allows IT to spend less time configuring servers and more time enhancing other aspects of the company’s technology infrastructure.

The right tools

However, any company considering investing in virtualization will need the right tools to maximize these benefits. While a virtual environment can improve a business’s desktop strategy, enhance security and support the consumerization of the technology professionals use, it requires a change of technology to fully embrace these advantages.

With Ericom’s PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView, a business will gain a secure, high-quality way to provide managed access to applications and desktop environments for employees regardless of the device or platform they are utilizing. By improving the security and performance of virtualization solutions, employees will be able to work harder and faster while the business can improve the quality of its products or services, all by better utilizing its computers and servers and enhancing workflow beyond current capabilities.

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