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DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1018

I presented at the Israeli Virtualization08 event today. It was an interesting event, with presentations by Microsoft, VMware and Citrix. My own presentation on VDI went well, and I received very good feedback from attendees. A few takeaway points from my presentation:

  • Because of the proliferation of hypervisors, and the availability of several free versions, you want a Connection Broker that supports as many hypervisors as possible. You certainly do not want a Connection Broker that locks you into a specific offering.
  • Given the relative advantages and disadvantages of VDI, Terminal Services and Blade PCs, it’s better to select a product that supports all three. This way you can achieve greater coverage of your users at reduced cost.
  • A remote access solution must include built-in remote support. The Connection Broker you choose must enable you to remotely view and control the virtual desktops as well as the client devices.

Check out Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect to see how it satisfies these requirements.

Also, check out a few pictures from the event:

Carina and I at the Ericom booth, with Ilan in the background.

At the podium.

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