Virtualized Computing: Optimize Video Performance Using Remote Access

MENDY NEWMAN on September 09, 2014 | 6244

Getting great video performance using remote access is possible, if you have the right software to augment your performance and shrink bandwidth demands. Check out our remote access tips to find out what product you need now to improve your speed and overall productivity.

Issues with RDP and Video Players

Ever try streaming video, particularly Flash, while connected through RDP? You’re bound to experience horrible load times and skyscraper-sized latency without a prayer of a speed boost. Streaming is so slow because designers (unless you’re Microsoft’s WMV), never intended for the protocol to handle the high refresh rates needed for remote video on full screens with Flash. The compressed data from the original device balloons in size when it hits your viewing screen and hogs of all your bandwidth. You’re lucky if you manage five frames per second on anything less than a one gigabyte LAN connection. The problem doesn’t apply to just video, but to PDF viewing over RDP as well.

How Do You Solve The Problem?

To get high-quality video experience using RDP, you need a solution that’s going to keep video data compressed and cut the bandwidth needed to stream. If you’re on a slower desktop Internet connection trying to use RDP, you absolutely need this kind of boost to create a smooth interface with low latency. There are dozens of programs out there that tout their acceleration, but many of them are buggy, causing just as many load issues as the RDP connection itself. How do you know which one is compatible with your system? How do you know the program can do what it claims?

Video Performance with Ericom Blaze

Ericom’s RDP acceleration software Blaze compresses your incoming data stream as much as 10 times to skyrocket your remote frame rates. The result is a 10-time increasewith your RDP video display performance, which mitigates the choppiness of graphics and makes your videos watchable. You can even route your printing jobs faster without the endless loading or the job magically vanishing in the nest of high network traffic. Here are some other tested benefits of Blaze:

  • Compatible for a Variety of Systems: Blaze is compatible with devices running Windows, Win CE, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android, and QNX. The flexibility in devices allows you to leverage the full array of options in buying equipment to meet the needs of employees working remotely, including tablets and smartphones. You can also allow workers to use their own devices with confidence their choice of operating system isn’t a barrier to working offsite.
  • Standalone Operation: On host systems that support RDP (x86 or x64) Blaze works with physical desktops, Windows Terminal Servers, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), desktops.
  • Ideal for Slow Connections: If you’re on a slow Internet connection, Ericom Blaze can mean the difference between images that render and those that stall out. Your projects won’t flounder because your team can get their projects to load remotely.
  • Creates a Desktop-Like Experience: Improvements in speed and responsiveness from using Ericom Blaze gives your laggy and frustrating RDP connection a seamless feel, as if you’re sitting in front of the computer.

Performance with Ericom Blaze increases when users access graphic-heavy content. Users typically see the highest gains when viewing charts, bitmaps, Flash video, and PDFs. Users viewing pages that are more text-based still see improved speeds of up to four times better than their connection provided before Blaze.

Scale Your RDP Solutions with Ericom Blaze

Adding devices to your company’s RDP strategy on a large and widening scale can get expensive if you don’t have the right software that scales along with your needs. By using Ericom Blaze, you’re able to deploy a virtual desktop program that doesn’t need a ton of extra hardware and complicated installation packages. Implementation scales right along with your business needs. Adding a new device takes less time than setting up a desktop printer. Blaze enables you and any member of your team to work from almost anywhere and achieve RDP performance speeds that exceed the standards your IT department thought possible.

Better for you to see the product in action and not just read a tailored list of cultivated selling points. Check out Ericom Blaze in action and judge for yourself if the software has the tools you need to improve your video performance over RDP. When you’re ready, download a free trial of the platform and take your new tool for enabling a remote workforce for a test drive. You won’t be disappointed.

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