What's New in "Longhorn" Beta 3 Terminal Services

DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1200

Now that Microsoft has released Windows Server codenamed “Longhorn” Beta 3, I think it is worthwhile to summarize what’s been added and what’s been left out of Terminal Services in this version:

  • For me the most pleasant surprise has been TS Easy Print, because Microsoft have previously stated that “Longhorn” Terminal Services will not include any printing enhancements. For more info on TS Easy Print see this blog entry on Terminal Services Team Blog.
  • Another unexpected surprise has been TS Session Broker Load Balancing, providing Session Load Balancing without the limitations of NLB. Still no Application Load Balancing however.
  • Longhorn Terminal Services will support PnP for WPD and POS devices (at least those certified for Vista),. A new devices tab is provided in the TS Manager.
  • AERO / GLASS experience in “Longhorn” Terminal Server sessions, giving end-users Vista look and feel.
  • TS Gateway performance has been improved.

Also at BriForum I heard comments from attendees that they have measured 30% bandwidth reduction when using RDP 6 thanks to the improved built-in compression. Assuming this reduction will be retained or improved when RDP 6.1 is released with “Longhorn”, this should finally dispel the myth of ICA bandwidth superiority.

So what has been left out?

  • WPF Remoting – apparently WPF Remoting is disabled in Terminal Services. This is a real shame since I was really looking forward for this feature.
  • Windows CE – well obviously there will still be a CE client for Terminal Services. However the next version, CE6, will not support most of the new features provided by “Longhorn” Terminal Services.

Over the upcoming weeks we will be evaluating the new “Longhorn” Beta and I will be posting the findings.

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