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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1380

Even as more businesses allow employees to work from home, a large portion of the enterprise still opposes the practice. However, companies that do offer telework options have found they provide numerous benefits, including reduced operational expenses and improved employee satisfaction. With the proper understanding of how working from home improves workflow, and the right technology in place to implement a teleworking strategy, any company can begin to receive these benefits and improve overall operations.

One of the most important things to remember for any business considering a teleworking option is that it is vital to provide workers the technology needed to get the job done. Advances in mobile technology and the proliferation of laptops and tablets among consumers provide most professionals with the hardware they need. However, according to the infographic, many supervisors still struggle with the inability to monitor activity when employees work from home.

To overcome this obstacle, businesses can implement RDP-based remote access solutions with security and management capabilities. Employees can work remotely from any device, including their home PC, Mac, Linux laptop, iPad, Android or other mobile device, without transferring data and apps off company servers. This effectively brings employees into the office network, but it also allows the business to secure and monitor the access. Businesses can rest easy knowing their employees are accessing data through a secure framework, while employees themselves get to enjoy the benefits of doing their job from home.

Employers may worry about their workers slacking off, being less focused or having little to no accountability when working from home, but ultimately, the increased productivity benefits far outweigh these concerns. Professionals have demonstrated that the ability to finish work on their own schedule helps them better balance life and work and get their job done with fewer distractions. By harnessing these benefits, any business can increase job satisfaction and foster a stronger work environment, even outside of the office.

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