Yet More Information About Windows Server 2008 Release Schedule

DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 946

A very interesting post on Microsoft’s Windows Server Division WebLog was brought to my attention. In this post a Microsoftie called Helene states that for reasons having to do with product quality, the Release to Manufacturing (RTM), of Windows Server 2008, which was scheduled for the end of 2007, will be delayed to the first quarter of calendar year 2008. RTM is a critical step in the release cycle of Windows Server 2008, yet in this post Helene states that this delay will not impact the launch event date (February 27, 2008 in Los Angeles),.

Given that RTM must occur before the product can be released, I see interesting times ahead for Microsoft. Or as Helene puts it: “We have a busy schedule ahead of us …”

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