2013 is the year of mobile

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2430

Mobile is the word on everyone’s lips, or so it oftenseems. From the media to the business world, the latest devices, OSs and network trends are maintaining a strong position in the spotlight, and for good reason. The consumerization of IT is a critical trend for companies to address, and as more professionals bring their personal devices into the workplace, the faster a business needs to adopt a BYOD solution to remain on pace with that development.

BYOD isn’t just a fad –it’s changing the enterprise IT landscape in critical ways. By understanding the key BYOD concerns and benefits that are making 2013, a business will be better prepared to adapt to –and adopt –mobile strategies.

Data security is critical

No matter what solution is adopted, ensuring the security of company data is key to BYOD success. Mobile devices by nature are transitory. They are carried everywhere, and once every year or two they are replaced with a newer model. This presents critical security concerns, and a business needs to ensure that the risk of data loss or theft is eliminated. The way to accomplish this is to implement RDP-based access. Rather than having employees download data or apps to several devices, provide them with a single sign?-on that allows access to company servers where data is hosted. This keeps resources in a managed, secure location but doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of BYOD.

Employees expect BYOD

Much like computers and the internet, professionals are beginning to expect a BYOD policy, and businesses that deny the use of personal devices will have difficulty recruiting the top talent in their field. Professionals see BYOD as a necessity, not a perk, and the advantages it offers agree. Few companies can do without the improvements to productivity and efficiency that BYOD provides, and currently there is no alternative that supplies the same benefits.

Device types are changing

More devices are hitting the market with appeal to the workforce, and supporting all of them may seem challenging but it doesn’t have to be. A business can invest in a solution that eliminates disparateness by providing a single experience regardless of mobile OS. With an HTML5 RDP client , a business can utilize RDP-based access and gain all the the previously mentioned advantages without worrying about whether an employee is using an iPhone or the new BlackBerry. Ultimately, this will further ensure BYOD success and eliminate yet another obstacle standing between a company and streamlined mobile operations.

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