5 Ways to Improve Customer Service through Remote Access

Consumers in the digital age have high expectations of customer service. With 24/7 connectivity, customers expect to receive helpful answers within a short amount of time. Gone are the days when customers waited three business days for a response from a company or called multiple times until someone picked up. When consumers feel that a company is unresponsive, they will quickly switch their loyalty to the competition.

Stellar customer service is achieved in a myriad of ways, including brand identity, company policies, employee training, efficiency measures, key performance objectives (KPIs), and service-level agreements (SLAs),. Technology also plays a big role in supporting customer service, providing the tools that businesses need to address customer concerns immediately and proficiently. Today’s technologies include new communication platforms such as live chat and social media, advanced data management and analytics software for more efficient and personalized service and support, and even the exciting prospect of leveraging AI and machine learning to better support the customer.

One of the must-have technologies you’ve probably considered is secure remote access. Giving your employees remote access to essential applications and files is a win-win for your customers. The more easily your employees can access relevant information—from anywhere—the faster they can get back to their clients with the answers they need. Here are just a few of the ways that remote access can help improve customer service in your organization:

Customer Service on the Go

Bob is a salesperson for a software company, and he visits the offices of potential clients to show them how the product works and how it will benefit their business. He carries a tablet everywhere he goes and uses it to deliver a presentation that introduces the product and provides basic information. Then he answers the clients’ questions and helps them make the best decision. He logs in remotely to his company’s database to get information on specific features, available inventory and current prices. He is never stumped for a response as answers are only a click away—so his clients trust his knowledge and professionalism.

Data Security

Bob’s company considered allowing each salesperson to store information on his or her own device, but executives realized that this data could easily be accessed for nefarious purposes. The company collects private client information and, as a trusted brand, needs to ensure this data stays protected. Remote access is the perfect solution since it ensures that data is kept securely within the company network, and that any employee lapses won’t put overall network security at risk. Remote sessions are further secured using a Secure Gateway and two-factor authentication. Customers can rest easy knowing that their data is secure and that their providers have their best interests at heart.

24-Hour Customer Service

Customers reach out to companies for support 24/7, after “office hours” and across time zones. They may call, email, send a chat or reach out on social media. However they ask for help, they expect a swift response, no matter what time of the day it is in your location. Whether you are a service provider or product seller, your customer support needs to work around the clock. With a fast and flexible remote access solution, customer service personnel can work from home or from the road. They have access to all the necessary information for problem-solving at their fingertips and can easily address matters at all service levels and report customer complaints and company resolutions.

Business Continuity

At those times when your employees can’t get to the office, but there’s still work to be done, simply have them log-in from their home or mobile device. An employee who isn’t feeling well or is snowed in can continue to be productive from wherever he is by using remote access to connect to his office PC. That means that you can sustain your business even in case of a natural disaster, extended vacation or an office refurbishment. Permanent work from home is also possible with remote access.

Simplified IT Support

Is the IT department in your company overextended? Many IT departments are overworked helping to solve technical problems, install applications and update old software. The ability to easily provision and configure employee desktops and applications from a central server instead of running around to multiple computers is a huge time and energy saver. And, if a problem arises outside of regular work hours, an IT staff member can solve it from his computer at home.

With fewer physical desktops to manage and faster remote support, you are free to focus your resources on giving customers instant attention, information, and insights. Your employees will thank you, but more importantly, so will your customers.

With a simple HTML5 browser-based access solution, you too can provide customer service on the go. Salespeople and support personnel can log in and securely access applications or desktops from a standard browser on any device (BYOD) so they have all relevant information on hand when they visit clients. The connection is seamless, so there’s no lengthy back and forth which results in customer frustration. Instead, your customers enjoy customized solutions with minimal wait time.

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