Forcepoint Integrates Ericom Shield™, Adding Remote Browser Isolation to Its Dynamic Edge Protection Cloud-Native SASE Solution

SIMON MORAN on August 25, 2020 | 603

Last week, Forcepoint and Ericom announced Forcepoint Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) powered by Ericom, now available in Forcepoint’s Dynamic Edge Protection cloud-native SASE solution. Complementing the Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway, this new solution adds comprehensive Zero Trust browsing capabilities that prevent ransomware, advanced web-borne threats, and phishing attacks from compromising endpoint devices and networks. The solution is available from Forcepoint and its global channel partner network.


Remote Browser Isolation Capabilities Enhance Forcepoint’s Cybersecurity Platform

Ericom Shield Zero Trust web browsing isolates content from the internet, using a “never trust, always verify” security approach, to prevent ransomware, advanced web threats, and phishing attacks from reaching endpoints. Users who browse to malicious sites or click a URL embedded in a phishing email remain completely safe, since web content is executed in remote isolated containers, not on devices. Streamed to the device browser, rendering information representing the website provides a safe, fully interactive web experience for users. Websites launched from embedded email links can be presented in read-only mode, preventing users from entering credentials on potential phishing sites. Attached files are sanitized before being transmitted to endpoints, removing malware within downloads while preserving desired native functionality.

For organizations facing strict data security and compliance regulations, Ericom Shield can limit over-sharing and data exfiltration. Controlling access to corporate applications and data via RBI prevents “footprints” of sensitive web application data from remaining in the browser cache of unmanaged devices and stops data from being stored on device clipboards or from being copied to local devices. 


Aligning with the SASE Framework

Gartner initially presented the Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE, security framework in a 2019 report titled, “The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud.” SASE represents an architectural transformation in enterprise and network security that is tailored for dynamic, cloud-native applications and remote workforces.

Capabilities that Gartner highlighted as key components of SASE platforms include network-as-a-service technologies, such as SD-WAN, CDNs, and WAN optimization, as well as network security services such as cloud SWGs, VPNs, cloud access security brokers (CASB), and RBI solutions like Ericom Shield. RBI is presented as an important security control for secure web browsing, phishing prevention, and data security.


Forcepoint and Ericom Software

This integration adds Ericom’s RBI capabilities to a number Forcepoint solutions, including the Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway, Forcepoint Web Security Gateway, Forcepoint DLP, Forcepoint Email Security, and Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall. The combined solutions protect users from zero-day web-based malware and sophisticated phishing attacks, as well as help to prevent data loss.

We are excited to partner with Forcepoint and their channel partners to deliver our award-winning RBI solution together with Forcepoint’s solutions. Existing Forcepoint customers can simply add RBI to their current Forcepoint SWG’s (On-Premises or Cloud) to gain powerful new web and email security capabilities, and new customers can include Forcepoint Remote Browser Isolation powered by Ericom with their newly licensed Forcepoint SWGs, NGFWs, or Secure Email Gateways.

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