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Recapping RSA Conference 2018

RSA Conference 2018. What an experience…


The Moscone Center was packed with what appeared to be every cybersecurity professional in the greater USA, as well as thousands of visitors from across the globe. For myself and the rest of the Ericom delegation, it was an immensely exciting and action-packed week, with back-to-back meetings scheduled with technology partners, analysts and members of the media, as well as a steady stream of visitors coming by our booth for a taste of Ericom Shield (and our free hand sanitizers! smiley)

Speaking of the booth, it was incredibly gratifying to witness people’s reactions upon being introduced to remote browser isolation (RBI). Many were openly intrigued by the elegance of this approach to addressing the “human factor” risks posed by their users’ daily web browsing activity. One C-level executive remarked that he fully expects this type of solution to become a standard element of every company’s security portfolio within the next couple of years.

And indeed, that was our impression as well. Visitors who stopped by the booth were all nodding their heads in agreement as we explained the concept of RBI and immediately recognized what this technology can contribute to their current security posture. They were even more impressed by the demo showing two browsers side by side – one connecting directly to the Internet and the other rendered remotely by Ericom Shield. The unilateral consensus seemed to be that it was impossible to tell which was which.

We also had the pleasure of participating in some of the evening networking events (definitely a must for RSA). The conversations over drinks and nibbles reaffirmed the positive feedback we received at the booth.

To top it all off, the recognition by Cyber Defense Magazine, who awarded Ericom their prestigious InfoSec Award for a “Next-Gen Anti-Malware“ solution at the conference, truly affirmed our impression that the industry is ready to embrace RBI technology. This award, in conjunction with other recent affirmations from leading analysts such as Gartner, Ovum and EMA, really adds to the business momentum we've been seeing in the field. .

This was a great show for our entire team and we can’t wait to get back on the road for the next big security conference!


Ericom at RSA


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Linda Hagopian

Linda Hagopian

Program Marketing Manager | Ericom Software