A Bit About In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG)

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The ability to scale has become a very important issue in today’s business environment. As more organizations become digitized, they want the option of being able to flexibly scale (and retract) access as needed. In the past, this was a labor intensive process involving in-house infrastructures, IT personnel and third party vendors, but today that is no longer the case. Cloud hosting providers are offering a range of solutions with unlimited accessibility and scalability using fewer resources than ever before. In-memory data grid (IMDG) is one technology that is making this possible.

What is IMDG?

Unlike traditional systems in data centers, IMDG has a data structure that fully resides in RAM (random access memory) rather than on disk drives. What this means for service providers and customers alike is, they can deliver and receive the resources they need much faster.

(The technology has been around for some time, however historically the high cost of RAM made the deployment of such systems financially “not viable.”  With a lower price of memory now obtainable, more center operators and service providers have started adopting this technology.)

 Benefits of IMDG for IT

  • Enables organizations to easily scale and upgrade the size of the data grid
  • Software & hardware upgrades can be implemented non-disruptively
  • It’s an architecture that allows the distribution of data across many servers in a single location or numerous locations.
  • The amount of servers can be increased or decreased without disrupting service.

For businesses, IMDG also provides multiple benefits, from increasing productivity by enhancing business process efficiency, which can reduce waste across the board, to providing companies with an online presence the ability to deliver fast and reliable services, which has become a key differentiator when consumers choose a business.

Ericom Connect® – A Proven Application

With IMDG in place, service providers are able to handle velocity, variability and volume, key features in the data centric world we live in today. Supporting hundreds of thousands of in-memory data updates per second, they can be scaled in to support large quantities of data.  Ericom Connect, our flagship enterprise-grade access management solution, uses this technology to deliver exceptional scalability with fewer servers, supporting up to 100,000 concurrent users on a single management server. Ericom Connect provides organizations with a robust, enterprise-wide managed access solution that enables delivery of Windows applications and desktops, as well as Linux desktops, all from within a single platform - to any device, anywhere.

To learn more or try Ericom Connect for yourself, visit: https://www.ericom.com/ericom-connect/enterprise/

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