ASUS & Ericom Partner Up: Great News for Enterprise Customers

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Given the stiff competition in today’s device manufacturing market, standing out is a challenge for those seeking to gain traction in the Enterprise, Education and other sectors. 

ASUS recently partnered with Ericom to bundle our HTML5 browser-based access on a wide range of their corporate offerings, including Chromebooks and other devices customized for SMBs and enterprises. This was, and is, great news for ASUS customers who want to access remote Windows apps as well as Web apps from personal devices with little or no fuss.  Jeff Wen, Associate Director of the ASUS Global Commercial Sales Division, says that Ericom’s collaboration with ASUS “makes it simple for customers to remotely access Windows desktops and applications, without having to install or maintain any software on the user device.”      

Chromebooks Success in Education

Over the past five years, Chromebook sales have grown rapidly particularly in the education market. In mid-2015, market research firm Gartner expected sales of Chromebooks to rise 27 percent from 2014 levels by the end of 2015, reaching 7.3 million units.

"The value proposition for Chromebook is its ease in manageability," said Isabelle Durand, principal analyst at Gartner. It is perhaps for this reason that, according to a Futuresource Consulting report, Chromebook sales in education alone skyrocketed from less than one percent in 2012 to more than half of all non-desktop devices sold for use in U.S. classrooms in 2015. Gartner predicts Chromebook sales to reach almost 8 million units in 2016. 

For many K-12 organizations, Ericom's HTML5, clientless access technology (AccessNow), has made realizing one-to-one programs - a driving force behind large Chromebook deployments - that much easier.  By integrating our clientless, browser-based access solutions with Chromebooks and mobile devices into learning environments, school districts, such as the Jackson School District, are enabling their students, teachers, and staff  to access educational resources, both Windows or Web-based, from any device, anywhere, simply and securely.

Traction in the Enterpris

As laptops running the Chrome OS operating system instead of Windows 10 or Mac OS X, Chromebooks have been around for several years; however, until recently, they weren’t very well-known outside of education. Not surprisingly, in the enterprise sector, Chromebook sales have grown at a slower pace.  

The dominance of Windows applications in most organizations has made it difficult for enterprises to migrate readily from Windows OS to Chrome OS devices. On this note, I think that end-users are not ready to “mentally migrate” their dependence on physical PCs to cloud-based, “web-only” devices (like Chromebooks) which don't allow them to store their work on their devices.

The Changing Tide

Notwithstanding the above, Gartner suggests that “unless a specific application forces a Windows decision” Chromebooks will become a device of choice for enterprises that want to streamline the costs, security, and complexity of providing access to both new web applications and legacy systems.

Some businesses have already adopted Chromebooks in migrating their operations to the cloud - without abandoning critical investments in Windows applications. Trucking firm Quality Distribution Inc. (QDI), is one such organization.  A few years ago, QDI migrated its desktop computing environment to the Google ecosystem. Leveraging virtualization, Chromebooks, and Ericom’s browser-based access solution, QDI deployed a joint Chromebook-AccessNow solution to its drivers. Click here to read more about QDI’s journey from Microsoft to the Google eco-system. 

With its clientless, platform-agnostic solution, Ericom will continue to support both ASUS and other clients that require simple, scalable solutions to access Windows-based applications.    

For more information about the ASUS-Ericom bundled offerings, visit the Ericom page on the ASUS website. 

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