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Azure Interrupted – The Need for a Simple RemoteApp Alternative

When big companies such as Microsoft upgrade their product lines they often discontinue support for older products. After all, they’ve got something newer and better, shouldn’t everyone want to migrate to the new and improved product?

Inevitably, the “new and improved” doesn’t work exactly the same as the predecessor product. Updated operating systems, browsers, and tools such as desktop virtualization often aren’t 100% backward compatible with apps built on earlier versions of the same software.

In such cases taking an existing app and porting it to a new architecture may not make economic sense. Why put scarce programming resources to work on something that’s not really a product improvement if you don’t have to?

For some time, RemoteApp has been something of an orphan in the Microsoft portfolio. Customers wanted more features and capabilities; instead of responding to those needs, Microsoft decided to quit investing in the product, and instead to encourage RemoteApp customers to migrate to Citrix.

Citrix isn’t necessarily the right solution for everyone – it has a lot of overhead, takes a lot of time and effort to install, and it’s expensive. And for some applications it just won’t work.

Many of our clients built their apps on browsers and operating systems that are no longer supported by Microsoft. We appreciate our customers’ efforts to extend the life of these existing assets by continuing to support virtualization solutions for older operating systems and browsers such as IE9. And we not only support apps built on those solutions, we continue to add features to enhance our support of our customers’ needs on even those special case apps.



For example, we have a client who came to us because Citrix wasn’t a viable alternative to RemoteApp for them. They wanted a feature that wasn’t available on RemoteApp, single sign on. Single sign on allows a user to login to a portal once and access all the different apps they want to use without having to sign in separately to the different apps. We not only supported their existing software, we added this new feature, which is now available to all of our clients.

At Ericom we know that it’s not always possible to migrate an existing app to the latest and greatest software architectures. Our secure remote access solution not only supports older applications such as IE9 (as well, of course, as the current generation!), it’s easy to install (hours, not days or weeks), is flexible, hyper-scalable, and provides powerful business intelligence and analytics. We not only support Azure, clients can work with multiple cloud environments, or a combination of cloud and internal servers. We offer a free trial for those interested in learning more.

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Gerry Grealish

Gerry Grealish

Chief Marketing Officer | Ericom Software
Gerry is a security industry veteran, bringing over 20 years of Marketing and product experience in cybersecurity and related technologies. Responsible for marketing and business development, Gerry previously was at Symantec, where he was responsible for the go-to-market activities for the company’s Network Security portfolio. Prior to Symantec, Gerry was at Blue Coat, which he joined as part of Blue Coat’s acquisition of venture-backed CASB innovator, Perspecsys, where he was CMO.