BYOD has been inevitable since the 1980s

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2175

Personal computers invadedthe workplace in the 1980s and 90sand quickly became an essential tool for virtually every business in the world. From keeping sales and inventory records to running marketing campaigns or a website, businesses are using computers for so many tasks that many would find it unthinkable to operate without one. According to ZDNet , the use of computers led to the inevitableconsumerization of IT and the current bring your own device (BYOD), trend.

BYOD has been a leading cause of panic –and efficiency? –for businesses in the fast few years. While some companies are concerned over the adoption of a BYOD solution, others are thriving because of it. According to the news source, the term has been in use since at least 2004, yet it recently saw a major spike in popularity, based on Google`s analysis of BYOD as a search term over the past several years. Good Technology recently found that 75 percent of companies already support BYOD initiatives and about 13 percent are planning to, leaving only about 11 percent with no currentdesireto implement BYOD in the near future.

The question that enterprises need to be asking themselves currently is if their BYOD solution is right for them. Doesit support full access for employees using less-common types of devices, such as Linux-based tablets? Will it allow for remote employees to log in from home, or does it only support in-office use? These questions need to be addressed –not onlyby businesses that have already adopted a mobile policy, but alsoby those still considering one as well.

Some industry experts even think that the trend is already moving into its second phase, dubbed BYOD 2.0 by Andy Kemshall in an opinion piece for SC Magazine . With the introduction of personal devices to the workforce, many are also using the consumer-based applications that they are comfortable with for business purposes. This can create another layer of complication for businesses that has to be overcome.

The simplest way to address BYOD needs and the further consumerization of operations is to invest in high-quality remote access solutions like Ericom`s AccessNow. RDP-based access will allow a business to provide secure, reliable access to company servers and the data and apps hosted there, without limiting device options or cutting access to workers outside of the office.

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