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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2439

Businesses are always looking at the return on any given investment,and a bring your own device (BYOD), policy is no different. Why invest in a BYOD solution that doesn’t provide quantifiable results? The ROI is plain to see for any business looking to enhance employee productivity and reduce operational costs.

Despite the value in BYOD, many businesses are slow to revamp their operational processes to adopt a solution. A recent study by Avanade found that 60 percent of professionals are using personal computing devices in the workplace, yet only 20 percent of businesses have made significant changes to business practices as a result. However, 73 percent of businesses that responded to the study stated that they have seen positive improvements as a result of increased mobile device use by employees.

Another study , performed by Vanson Bourne, shows that 59 percent of IT decision makers feel that their company would be at a distinct disadvantage without a BYOD solution, yet only 17 percent said that they have a policy in place.

“The BYOD movement is about much more than managing devices – it’s about users, how they do their jobs and the degree to which organizations empower them to achieve maximum productivity – regardless of device or location,” the study noted.

Businesses need to take additional steps to embrace BYOD and genuinely see the value of it. The right BYOD solution can mean the difference between employees checking their email on their iPhones, or utilizing their tablets for 90 percent of their workload.

Meeting BYOD demand with a strong policy is critical –not to simply succeed with BYOD, but to control it. Employees are likely to bring their devices into the workplace with or without approval, soit’s up to their employers to manage that use and get the most benefit from it. By investing in a solution like Ericom AccessNow , a company will be equipped with high-quality HTML5 RDP clients and RDP-based access that can eliminate many of the pitfalls that plague BYOD adoption. From simplifying security to ensuring wide-scale device support, Ericom AccessNow is the perfect tool for any company seeking a low-cost, effective solution for device access within its network.

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