Disaster Recovery- Fast and Easy Remote Access During Emergency Situations

Disasters – they’re inevitable, mostly unpredictable, and vary in type and magnitude. When a disaster or unexpected event happens,   a major challenge is to keep core business functions operating under all circumstances; thus, organizations must make tough – and quick – decisions to ensure that business operations continue “as usual.”

The new norm is no norm
In today’s always-on world, work no longer takes place in only one location, and desk-bound computers are no longer the norm. 3rd party ubiquitous access  and tele-working, from any device, anywhere, have become common practices for millions of businesses around the world. To whatever extent businesses rely on empowering users with  remote access, a well-structured and coherent disaster recovery solution can help companies avoid significant business interruption and loss during a disaster. Thus while keeping up with new technology trends, businesses should adopt whatever business continuity (BC), strategy will ensure their users remain productive, wherever they are:  at work, at home or on the road, and using any device (work pc, laptop, mobile phone – or even locked down workstation),. 

Dealing with, and recovering from, a disaster means setting up a series of procedures to maintain business continuity:

  1. Be able to access data immediately
  2. Get your employees back to work.
  3. Keep your data safe throughout the disaster

With today’s heavy reliance on 24/7 access,  ensuring your users have uninterrupted access to critical resources during an interruption can make the difference between the success or sudden failure of your business.

Ericom's  HTML5 browser-based  access solutions serve as a fundamental part of many organizations' disaster recovery infrastructures. With Ericom, no client-side installation is required, ensuring a much simpler, easier path to business recovery following a natural or unnatural disaster.  Try an online demo now.

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