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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2340

One pain point that many companies encounter when adopting a BYOD solution is finding the right ecosystem that matches both enterprise needs and employee budgets. However, no solution is perfect, and many businesses may find that they end up alienating more employees than expected by choosing iOSover Android or BlackBerry. According to PCQuest , each mobile ecosystem has its own pros and cons, but picking one still may not be easy.


Apple has maintained a strong position in the smartphone market since it began. Between its dedicated cloud support, app store and other features, iOS provides a clear advantage in the workplace over desktop computers. According to the news source, the iOS experience is so popular, though, that this could actually hurt it. Too many choices, 12 different apps that perform the same function and other issues plague the iOS landscape, making it more difficult for some professionals to navigate it easily.


Google’s more recent foray into the mobile industry provides users with increased customization and a more open ecosystem, but one that also requires a higher level of technical knowledge to use to its full capabilities. Android has been gaining ground on Apple’s foothold on the smartphone market since its launch, and the wider variety of device options and prices makes it a much better option for many consumers. However, it also has weak points that are worth considering, such as the complexity of the mobile OS compared to iOS and the high volume of substandard devices that run it.

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Windows and BlackBerry have recently greatly improved their offerings in the mobile market, while Firefox and Linux OSs will be launching soon as well. These options may be exactly what some employees need to fully embrace a BYOD trend, but they may not offer everything a company wants or needs from its enterprise mobile devices.

In order to avoid these issues and really nail the answer to BYOD for its own, unique needs, a business needs to consider a solution that supports all of these OSs. Ericom AccessNow , an RDP-based access solution for mobility, provides support across platforms. When paired with an HTML5 RDP client , professionals will be able to securely and reliably access data and enterprise apps and do their job with any device.

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