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EMA Names Ericom a Top Three Solution Provider for Secure Access to Web Services

In the recently released “EMA Top 3 Report: Ten Priorities for Enabling Secure Access to Enterprise IT Services,” Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading industry analyst, singled out Ericom Shield as a 2020 Top Three Solution for providing secure access to web services.  The Ericom Shield zero trust remote browser isolation solution prevents ransomware, advanced web threats, and phishing attacks from reaching user endpoints by executing active web content in a remote, isolated container.


The Need for Secure Access

In surveys of security professionals, the ability to enable secure access to IT services always ranks high among critical priorities for their business. The importance has grown given the increase in users who are telecommuting, working remotely, or otherwise accessing the network from remote devices. This trend has accelerated as many organizations have pushed more employees to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Another driver for improving secure access has been the dramatic shift to cloud-based or hybrid cloud solutions, such that even employees who are in the office are required to access resources that are located beyond the boundaries of the firewall.

Secure access is essential to the productivity of modern organizations, most of which operate in hybrid digital environments. Security and access, however, often act in opposite directions: Increasing one tends to decrease the other. This paradox is particularly acute when the resource that drives productivity is the public internet, since the many of the most common sources of breaches – phishing attacks, credential theft, ransomware infections and more – are delivered via the web, yet no business today can function without internet access.


Secure Access to Web Services

The movement of applications to the cloud and increased reliance on the web have increased the emphasis on ensuring that user access to the internet is as secure as possible. Data from reports like Google’s recent Google Safe Browsing Transparency Report shows that the number of web and e-mail based attacks has risen dramatically in recent months as employees have started to access cloud and web resources from home and remote offices. 

The need for secure web access goes beyond web and e-mail access however, extending into a range of SaaS and web applications. Basic business functions such as purchasing, supply chain management, financial reporting, business prospecting, and competitive research are all conducted today almost solely via the web. And many of these functions involve sites and applications that have security and data compliance risks.


Remote Browser Isolation: A Key Technology for Secure Access to Web Services

Browser isolation conducts web browsing sessions in a secure isolated container, where content is rendered by a virtual browser. No active content reaches the regular browser on the end user devices — only safe rendering information is streamed from the isolated container. With Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), a more secure solution, those containers are located remote from the endpoint, in the network DMZ or the cloud.

The award-winning Ericom Shield Remote Browser Isolation solution provides superior isolation security and integrates a number of complementary technologies, including protection from phishing, a read-only mode to prevent credential theft, and built-in sanitization to remove possible malware before downloading files. Ericom Shield also prevents data loss by keeping valuable data out of browser caches.

Ericom Shield provides a “friction-less” approach to accessing the web. It works with all standard browsers and operating systems, is fully interactive, and provides a smooth, seamless browsing experience for users. The solution is centrally managed, with no software or plug-ins installed on user devices.  

Check out our video to see for yourself how Ericom Shield browser protects endpoints from web-based threats. Or contact us to request a free trial or demo, and see why EMA chose Ericom Shield as one of its Top Three RBI solutions.

Gerry Grealish

Gerry Grealish

Chief Marketing Officer | Ericom Software
Gerry is a security industry veteran, bringing over 20 years of Marketing and product experience in cybersecurity and related technologies. Responsible for marketing and business development, Gerry previously was at Symantec, where he was responsible for the go-to-market activities for the company’s Network Security portfolio. Prior to Symantec, Gerry was at Blue Coat, which he joined as part of Blue Coat’s acquisition of venture-backed CASB innovator, Perspecsys, where he was CMO.