Ericom AccessNow: Online Purchases Now Available

BARBARA CLAMAN on November 17, 2014 | 2901

Ericom AccessNow is a browser-based RDP client implemented in pure HTML. As such, AccessNow empowers users with quick, remote access to their Windows applications or desktops, without requiring them to install or configure anything on the endpoint. All a user needs is an HTML5-compatible browser on the client — Windows, Mac & Linux desktop, Chromebook, iPhone / iPad or Android device. There’s no client software to install, which makes BYOD a breeze for IT and help desk staff as well as end-users. It’s that simple! Try our free online, interactive demo and see for yourself.

Some exciting news for our North American clientele
You are now able to purchase licenses for AccessNow directly from our site, so that users can get straight to work faster than ever!

  • In North America: Click here to purchase licenses of Ericom AccessNow
  • In Rest of World: Click here to purchase licenses of Ericom AccessNow

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