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Ericom delivering Zero Trust Browsing via our Strategic Partnerships

At Ericom, we’re focused on helping our customers gain every advantage in operating safely in today’s digital battlefield environment, so they can best defend what matters to them. Key examples of how we do this can be seen in the work we do with our Technology Partners. In these relationships, Ericom solutions play an important role in covering key user requirements our partner’s defensive solutions must meet. For example, Ericom’s cloud-delivered Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) technology fits exceptionally well into our partners’ Zero Trust platforms, adding powerful web security benefits for their customers and their users. 

To understand the benefits of RBI, consider that endpoint security has basically proven to be a categorical cyber security failure: It has not stopped the continued onslaught of successful attacks that we’ve seen globally. Even the most sophisticated AI powered, signatureless anti-virus endpoint suites have not really reduced the threat from these types of attacks. If they had, ransomware would no longer exist, and endpoint infections wouldn’t have increased sharply over the past decade. Despite the best firewalls, user training, and cyber-specific tooling, these attacks continue to challenge all enterprises. 

RBI is a key technology that helps extend our partners’ capabilities to well beyond any perimeter. It is focused specifically on users and their interaction with malicious content that lives on the internet. RBI extends Zero Trust controls to the user’s browsing experience, empowering them to securely interact with potentially infectious phishing content or sites compromised with zero-day malware that is so prevalent in today’s threat space, despite the fact that no web content can be verified as safe. 

Through our integrations, Ericom RBI works hand in glove with our partner’s security gateways to enable our mutual customers to operate safely in the wilds of the internet, by placing an invisible layer of security between users and nefarious content and phishing sites. Users browse as usual, yet operate in a friction-free Zero Trust enclave that extends from their organization’s security platform all the way outward to their browser. These fully integrated technology combinations effectively eliminate the most prevalent types of attacks, and offers administrators powerful control options across the entirety of their infrastructure. For users, the experience is unchanged; they can continue to use the same browsers and extensions that they always have. 

Remote Browser Isolation has been highlighted by leading analyst firms including Forrester and Gartner as an important component of a Zero Trust infrastructure, which is also key to the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) model. More importantly, Ericom’s customers have noted that the use of RBI is a key strategic capability that makes security painless for end users while reducing the risks posed by phishing sites, drive-by downloads, and online malicious content that is well outside of any organization’s defensible edge. By integrating with our partner’s secure web gateways (SWGs), cloud access security brokers (CASBs), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) services, Ericom adds a pivotal security technology that strengthens our partner’s offerings. 

Our partnerships, which include relationships with well-known security providers such as Forcepoint, Netskope, Checkpoint, and Citrix, are part of our long-term plan to help as many customers as possible to bolster their security, in line with the underlying tenets of Zero Trust. We are proud to work with these partners, and especially gratified that by integrating our RBI offering into their platform, their customers instantly gain a tactical advantage over the bad guys online. As we progress through 2021 and the world goes even more digital, more remote, and more dependent on online interactions, we are sure that these partnerships will continue to help our partners provide game-changing security controls that address their customers’ strategic needs.

Chase Cunningham

Chase Cunningham

Chief Strategy Officer | Ericom Software
Creator of the Zero Trust eXtended framework and a cybersecurity expert with decades of operational experience in NSA, US Navy, FBI Cyber, and other government mission groups, Chase is responsible for Ericom’s overall strategy and technology alignment. Chase was previously VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research; Director of Threat Intelligence for Armor; Director of Cyber Analytics for Decisive Analytics; and Chief Cryptologic Technician, US Navy. He’s author of the Cynja series and Cyber Warfare: Truth, Tactics, and Strategies.