Ericom Introduces Breakthrough HTML Client for VMware View

DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1821

One of the best things about being a software developer is that occasionally you get to participate in the creation of something truly unique and innovative. Recently at Ericom we’ve been working on exactly such a project: an RDP client implemented in pure HTML! What I mean by “pure HTML” is that this client does not require Flash or Java or ActiveX or Silverlight or any other special software on the client – it is implemented using only standard web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript),. As a result, all you need in order to use it is an HTML5 compatible web browser such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox.

We will be leveraging this breakthrough technology in a number of our products. The first product is an HTML5 client for VMware View. Using this client you can login to VMware View, select a virtual desktop, and access that virtual desktop, all from within the browser, without installing any software on the client device. Moreover, we have integrated our Blaze RDP acceleration technology into this product, so you will also gain great remote access performance. This product is currently available as a beta, for which you can sign-up here.

I will be providing more information about the technology and the product on my blog in the upcoming weeks. In the interim, you can find additional information in our press release.

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