Fire illustrates need for remote access, cloud in business computing

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 3145

An Industrial firm in Coventry, U.K. recently discovered how important it can be to have a cloud computing or remote access option when fire caused more than $9 million worth of damage to its offices. According to the Coventry Telegraph, cloud computing provides businesses that experience natural disasters – including fires, flooding and more – with the tools they need to maintain business continuity.

By hosting applications, data and desktops on the cloud and utilizing remote access tools, businesses can keep employees working even if the office is closed. This means that employees can access work data and systems remotely in a secure manner, through communication protocols such as RDP, ICA, PCoIP, etc. The cloud also promotes improved disaster recovery solutions and cost-effective options for storage. Though a great deal of attention has been turned to IT security and protection against cyberthreats, no business should overlook the dangers of physical emergencies.

Even without a crisis, the benefits of remote access are many, including increased productivity and greater flexibility. Remote access (over RDP and other relevant protocols), provides numerous benefits for on-the-go professionals in normal settings.

Many professionals today expect to be able to telework. In fact, for big data businesses, remote access is especially vital for performance. If a company doesn’t support this desire, it will risk alienating its potential employees and driving away highly skilled workers.

With remote access to Windows applications and desktops residing/running on company or cloud servers, a professional can access these platforms from anywhere, and with recent advancements in HTML5 browser-based access, from almost any device (laptop PCs, iPads/iPhones, and Android smartphones and tables),.

As desktop virtualization technologies come of age and become the backbone of cloud computing, businesses going on the cloud are truly able to achieve business continuity.With virtualization technology and infrastructures, a business can ensure that its data and servers are safe and secure, as data will not actually leave the server or be transferred to the user’s device in any way.

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